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As the digital age grows, cyber-attacks have increased exponentially every year. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and many companies transitioning to remote work. Hackers have new ingenious methods of attacking. Businesses need an approach where employees’ practices, organizational processes, and technology work together toward Cybersecurity.

Most of all, cyber-attacks are not caused by external hackers; they are consequences of weak passwords, answering spam emails, connecting to insecure networks, etc. Keeping up-to-date with any security compliances and staying ahead of any security threats is a difficult task to take on. With a trusted cyber security services provider like CircleMSP, you can focus on your growth, knowing you will stay secure, compliant, and productive.

Cyber Security Irvine

CircleMSP provides the following Cyber Security Services

cyber security Irvine

Risk & Compliance

  •  Risk and compliance refer to the processes and measures to identify and handle possible threats to an organization’s information systems, data, and assets.
  • This entails putting security protocols to mitigate risks, following regulatory standards, and staying up-to-date with emerging threats and compliance requirements.
  • Data breaches can harm an organization’s reputation and bring legal and financial penalties resulting from failing to prioritize risk and compliance.
cyber security services

Security Architecture & Implementation

  • Cybersecurity requires a robust security architecture and implementation.
  • A robust security architecture guarantees that a system is designed to mitigate and manage security risks.
  • Performance includes setting up security features, including firewalls, access controls, and encryption.
  • A comprehensive cyber security strategy can help organizations protect their assets from cyber threats.

Customer Education & Awareness

  • To ensure cybersecurity, customer awareness, and education are crucial.
  • Customers must be aware of the potential risks and threats posed by cyberattacks and the best practices for protecting their devices and data.
  • It lowers the possibility of data breaches and cyber threats and promotes the development of a security culture.
cyber security services Irvine

Security Management

  • Identifying, evaluating, and managing risks to safeguard digital assets from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, alteration, or destruction is known as security management in cyber security.
  • To guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information, it covers a variety of processes and practices, including security policies, risk management, access control, incident response, compliance, and governance.
cyber security services

Threat & Vulnerability Management

  • Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM), which involves discovering, analyzing, and eliminating potential threats and vulnerabilities that could jeopardize an organization’s information systems, is a crucial part of cybersecurity.
  • As part of the process, networks, apps, and infrastructure are routinely checked for flaws and vulnerabilities.
  • Additionally, the threat environment is analyzed to foresee potential threats and prepare for them.
  • By proactively addressing security threats and defending against attacks, TVM allows organizations to limit the potential harm and impact on their operations.
  • Technical know-how, risk management techniques, and constant monitoring and analysis are all necessary for effective TVM.
cyber security Irvine

Cost Of Supplies & Equipment

  • In cybersecurity, the cost of supplies and equipment can be a significant expense for organizations.
  • It covers costs for both software and licensing fees, as well as hardware costs for things like servers, routers, and firewalls.
  • There can also be continuing expenses for updates, upgrades, and maintenance.
  • These expenses can be incredibly challenging for smaller businesses with limited budgets.
  • A good cybersecurity posture requires organizations to invest in the appropriate tools and supplies.
  • Still, they should also carefully assess their budgets and prioritize their expenditure based on their unique demands and threats.
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    “Circle provides us with top notch service at an affordable low-cost per page that includes total printer replacement and repair along with the benefit of managing to stock each of our seven branches with toner at no additional cost.”

    Anthony H.

    “Their techs have shown a high level of competence and professionalism and have from time to time helped us with off-contract devices for free. The Circle goes the extra mile. It’s been a great partnership.”

    Paul M

    “The Circle has been particularly nimble at adapting to the unique needs of each of our properties and they’ve done a great job of providing durable low-cost equipment with low operating costs and minimal downtime.”

    Emma M.

    “Excellent company to do business with.”

    Dar Brenthel


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