Cloud Solutions & Support

Cloud Solutions & Support

Microsoft Office 365

Does your business have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription? Cloud services demand is up due to COVID-19 with a mass increase of remote work from home. Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365 subscriptions shot to the roof with services like Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Power Platform (PowerApps, PowerAutomate, and Power BI). There is way more to it than just email and Microsoft Office Suite applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). Harness the full power of Microsoft 365’s additional services and applications with The Circle. Our Experienced team can help you identify your needs and leverage Microsoft 365’s many products and services to help streamline your processes. Fully utilize the value-added benefits your Microsoft 365 subscription has to offer. Don’t have Microsoft 365? The Circle can help.

Google G Suite

This new norm has also led the education sector into the world of virtual classrooms with Google G Suite for education. Google G Suite for education is an optimal solution, with the ability to use all of Google’s cloud applications from Google Drive, Classroom, Assignments, Forms, Admin, Meet, Chat, and more. The Circle team of experts can provide guidance and management of your G Suite solutions as well as your Student Information System (SIS). Additionally, the management and support of Chromebooks, Mac, Mobile, and Windows devices within your organization.

Many services that used to be in-house are now being migrated to the cloud. There are many benefits to the cloud from cost, management, and scalability. Let Circle help you with identity and manage which cloud services fit your needs.

We also support the following Cloud Solutions: